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How I Fixed my Relationship with Money


A little while ago, I wrote about the sad story of Jack Ma, and how, despite becoming the richest man in China, he still wasn’t happy. So, if a guy with billions of dollars can’t be happy, is there hope for any of us? Is money really the root of all evil? Is the only way to be happy to become a monk that wears the same robes every day and.. Read More


I have many passions and hobbies. It’s part of either being well-rounded, or ADD. I can’t really decide. One of those passions is tattoos. To many people, this comes as a surprise, because in any regular circumstance, you’re unlikely to see any tattoos on me. Most people who are big tattoo enthusiasts have a lot of ink, visible and not. In my case, I don’t have that much. I have about.. Read More

Happiness Challenge Update: 20 days of Meditating


Every month, I pick a new challenge to build a habit or change a behavior that I think will improve my overall level of happiness. I give regular updates on my Happiness Challenges on this blog, and follow my daily progress through the Lift app. Success Well, I’m two thirds of the way through the month, and the good news is that I’ve kept up my habit of meditating daily. Week one was just.. Read More

Short Term Happiness vs Long Term Happiness

happy marathon

The single biggest pitfall in the pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of short term happiness instead of long term happiness. This tendency towards instant gratification and small hits of happiness are one of the biggest reasons for unhappiness in the developed world. With all the resources at our disposal, we choose to pursue short term goals that will make us happy for an instant, but leave us feeling empty.. Read More

A Podcast for History Buffs: The History of Rome


When I was in University, I took an American History class as an elective. I had no good reason to take the course other than just because it seemed like fun. Not only did it turn out to be my favorite class of the semester, it was my favorite class of all time, and I considered changing my major. And then I remembered that I didn’t feel like spending another seven years.. Read More

The Richest Man in China Isn’t Happy and I Feel for Him

Jack Ma is not happy

The richest man, in the most populous country in the world isn’t happy. In an interview with CNBC, Jack Ma, the founder of internet company, stated that the $28 billion dollars that came with his recent IPO haven’t made him happy, and in fact, have made him more stressed, tired and less happy. Once this interview was aired, the internet exploded with people calling Ma a variety of names,.. Read More

I Admit It, I’m a Comicbook Geek


  Unlike most adult comicbook fans, I didn’t actually start reading comicbooks as a little kid. When I was very young, I had a few comics (if I recall correctly, a couple of Batman comics, a few Superman issues, and a few other superheroes that I probably couldn’t name today). I was so young when I had those comics, that just like many of the kids who would read those, I.. Read More

Happiness Challenge Update: Meditating seven days in


Every month, I pick a new challenge to build a habit or change a behavior that I think will improve my overall level of happiness. I give regular updates on my Happiness Challenges on this blog, and follow my daily progress through the Lift app. Halfway through the month of October, while I was doing my no sarcasm/no complaining challenge (which I’m still working on), I already knew what my.. Read More

Happiness in the Cycle of Fulfillment of Needs

happiness cycle

Being happy is one of those things that seems like it shouldn’t be a lot of work, and yet, anyone who strives to live a happy life takes active steps towards that happiness. In order to figure out what needs to be done to be happy, we need to understand happiness, what it is and what it isn’t. We know right off the bat that happiness is more than just.. Read More

Why Cooking Makes Me Happy


  Once upon a time, not that long ago, I was a bachelor who cooked about every once in a blue moon. It wasn’t that I couldn’t cook (I spent enough time working in kitchens to figure that part out), or that I didn’t like cooking (once it stopped being a job), but rather I just never saw the benefit of spending so much time in the kitchen to prepare.. Read More