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Protect the Old, Make Room for the New

old and new

I’m an old soul at heart. When I was young, teachers used to tell my parents that I was very mature for my age. Now that I’m not so young, I find myself gravitating towards the comfort of the recognizable, and the known versus the new and the cutting edge. My music collection doesn’t have a whole lot in it from any year after I graduated from college. I have.. Read More

An Addiction That Makes Me Happy

I have a bizarre fascination with stationery, and with pens and notebooks in particular. Earlier this year, I started down the path of learning to love fountain pens. Little did I know that there was an entire community of people like me. These people are incredibly passionate, and like me, just a little off. They can speak or write about the tiniest detail of a pen. However, strangely, it’s quite.. Read More