I have a bizarre fascination with stationery, and with pens and notebooks in particular. Earlier this year, I started down the path of learning to love fountain pens. Little did I know that there was an entire community of people like me.

These people are incredibly passionate, and like me, just a little off. They can speak or write about the tiniest detail of a pen. However, strangely, it’s quite hard to figure out where to get started in the world of fountain pens (using and collecting). So, after more reading than I’m willing to admit, I decided to take everything I’d learned and stick it into a single article entitle: The Beginner’s Guide to Fountain Pens (by a True Beginner).

I sent the article off to Brad Dowdy, the man behind the the Pen Addict website and podcast, and he liked it enough to post it on his site. If you want to geek out over fountain pens, you should head over to penaddict.com to see how you too can develop an addiction (that’s not TOO bad for you).