The Happiest Man in the World

One Man's Never Ending Journey to Happiness

An Addiction That Makes Me Happy

I have a bizarre fascination with stationery, and with pens and notebooks in particular. Earlier this year, I started down the path of learning to love fountain pens. Little did I know that there was an entire community of people like me. These people are incredibly passionate, and like me, just a little off. They can speak or write about the tiniest detail of a pen. However, strangely, it’s quite.. Read More

Pizza and Taoism


Sometimes in life, we need to indulge. Pizza is one of my many indulgences. In some ways, this might seem counterintuitive to my philosophy of happiness, because I’ve said before that being happy isn’t about a single moment of joy, but it’s a permanent state of being. As such, you’d think that a junk food like pizza would fall into the category of things that gives you a temporary feeling.. Read More

I Love Christmas… Who Knew?


When making a list of all the things that could possibly make you happy, how can anyone not include Christmas (or whatever other non-denominational holiday occurs around the same time of the year)? I will admit that I haven’t always been a big fan of Christmas. In fact, aside from when I was really young and I would rush downstairs to see if Santa had come or not, I’ve been.. Read More

How to Keep Someone with OCD Entertained


I grew up with a mother that I affectionately referred to as a “neat freak.” Mom always wanted everything “just so” in the house, and if things were not done her way, it drove her nuts, and then she drove us nuts. Imagine my surprise when I entered adulthood and began living with other adults, and was told that I was a neat freak. At first, when I was accused.. Read More

I Left My Heart in San Francisco


I spent last week in San Francisco for a conference. The weather was terrible, and the conference was poor, and yet, I had a good time. As of about five years ago, I had never been to San Francisco. Since then, I’ve been once or twice a year, either for work, or for pleasure. When you work in an industry that’s so closely tied to Silicon Valley, it’s hard not.. Read More

Dinner with Friends


The basic unit of social interaction is the dinner. I’m convinced of this. Anything less than a dinner is worth less, anything added on to a dinner is worth more. If I only get invited for lunch, I’m less important than someone that got invited for dinner. If only get invited for coffee, I’m even lower on the totem pole. If I ask you out for dinner, and then a.. Read More


I have many passions and hobbies. It’s part of either being well-rounded, or ADD. I can’t really decide. One of those passions is tattoos. To many people, this comes as a surprise, because in any regular circumstance, you’re unlikely to see any tattoos on me. Most people who are big tattoo enthusiasts have a lot of ink, visible and not. In my case, I don’t have that much. I have about.. Read More

A Podcast for History Buffs: The History of Rome


When I was in University, I took an American History class as an elective. I had no good reason to take the course other than just because it seemed like fun. Not only did it turn out to be my favorite class of the semester, it was my favorite class of all time, and I considered changing my major. And then I remembered that I didn’t feel like spending another seven years.. Read More

I Admit It, I’m a Comicbook Geek


  Unlike most adult comicbook fans, I didn’t actually start reading comicbooks as a little kid. When I was very young, I had a few comics (if I recall correctly, a couple of Batman comics, a few Superman issues, and a few other superheroes that I probably couldn’t name today). I was so young when I had those comics, that just like many of the kids who would read those, I.. Read More

Why Cooking Makes Me Happy


  Once upon a time, not that long ago, I was a bachelor who cooked about every once in a blue moon. It wasn’t that I couldn’t cook (I spent enough time working in kitchens to figure that part out), or that I didn’t like cooking (once it stopped being a job), but rather I just never saw the benefit of spending so much time in the kitchen to prepare.. Read More